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When you walk into a new home subdivision, the sales agent works for the home builder -- NOT for you.  So
BEFORE you walk into that oh-so-tempting, brand new subdivision, be sure to call a qualified, professional Realtor to work for YOU. 

While the price is the same whether you do or don't use your own Realtor, the added costs you could incur by not knowing the right questions to ask can easily add thousands of dollars to your purchase price. New home builders know this. That's why they require you to bring your Realtor on the very FIRST visit -- no exceptions.

So consider these 3 simple reasons to call Tom Henschen and Associates Real Estate before you look at those beautiful, brand new homes.  You'll be glad you did!


We'll ensure you get the best deal possible by representing 
YOUR best interests. We'll ask the right questions of the builder's sales associates and help you understand the various issues involved in purchasing a new home.  We may even be able to help you get a better deal in the process*.


When you use Tom Henschen and Associates Real Estate to purchase your new build, we'll guide you through every step of the purchase. We can help you pre-qualify with a lender of your choice, schedule showings that are convenient for you, find incentives that may be available to you, do a thorough examination of area comparables, help you examine escrow documents, title reports and HOA CCRs, accompany you during your walk-throughs with the builder contractors, and do a detailed line-by-line examination of your  settlement statement to make sure all the numbers are correct.


Tom Henschen and Associates Real Estate will represent YOUR best interests.  Their services are FREE, and you could save thousands of dollars in the process*.

* Call Tom for details.
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